I AM|Ebraheem|Isaacs

And this is my blog!

And that’s my wild ass up there!

About me? Shit, I thought this was about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll?! – Just kiddin

The thought of ranting about ones self sickens me to the darkest core of the nyctophiliac pit of my raging stomach.

Go ahead and bore thy self to death why don’t ya.
(no that’s not a question.)
I am a database analyst/administrator/systems analyst/(whatever the fuck they calling it these days), with a wild persona and a rather vivid imaginative mind-set. I believe in the ultimate freedom of humanity and the ultimate respect for all living things.
I guess I’m a little obsessed with free speakers – to a degree of course, open minded people with a political activism centric inner dwelling, political journalism – if need be, free spirited people – which I believe belong to the stem of mother earth and the heavens alike, good lyrics, awesome music – especially  when there’s guitars involved, intricate designs of sketch art, third dimensional chalk drawings (why the shit did I add that I don’t know), political graffiti,
dynamic architectural ‘everything’, system design layouts, hackers, fibres, textures etc.
I was born in JHB, I now reside in CPT and have been a nomad for as long as I can remember.  However,
I’m not a crack, cocaine, heroin or meth addict (thank god) – as you’d come to know.
I do smoke pot now and then – if the year is right – (ha, fun times). Jack Daniels would be the only whiskey I’d drink – should I choose to fall off the wagon again – whooops.
I’ve a wife and an innocuously beautiful kid. I named her after a brave Roman princess – Zineerah. And brave and courageous is her mark up – believe me.
By chance her moms name descends from Persian ancestry – Fagmeedah. And by chance I mean that – I did not know that till recently.
I’ve also been intrigued by phenomena’s (if you wanted to know that for some strange reason) the likes such as, the sliding rock of Devils Valley, Nebraska, Bermuda triangle stories etc. Which most of my conversations aim towards, when boredom persists, and so on and so forth.
The study of systems linguistics has also slid past me and creeped into – my already crowded space. And these being platforms such as C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails and of course TSQL. I do however plan to someday be fluent in some ‘human’ languages, for a purpose I do not know of as yet.
Well, enough about trying to figure me out, here’s a warm welcome to my blog/website. Make yourself comfortable, should you choose to stay.

I do however, want to say this. “You are more than the mistakes you’ve made.” If you feel this is where you need to vent your anger, seek advice off of a complete strangers council, or just ride the crazy train on this insane,meaningless journey of life, then leave comments, or request user rights to partner admin with me.

So again..

My name’s, Ebraheem Isaacs born in 1991, and this is my blog.

|Welcome to thexsociety|



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